Laura Gilpin, b. 1891

“In 1903, for her twelfth birthday. Gilpin received a brownie camera from her parents, and she used it incessantly for several years. She believed the year 1904 was a critical point in her life. Her mother sent her to visit her closest friend and Gilpin’s namesake, Laura Perry, in St. Louis where the World’s Fair was being held. Perry was blind, and it was Gilpin’s task to describe every exhibit to her in detail. She later said “The experience taught me the kind of observation I would have never learned otherwise.”-Recollections: Ten Women of Photography






Mary Heilmann

 ”My inspiration for art doesn’t really come from the history of painting. It comes from the community of art as it is now, and also popular culture, like movies and music and books and fashion, especially street fashion, not high fashion” – Mary Heilmann Hyperallergic


photo by philip mauro






The Cloisters

A branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters incorporates parts from five European abbeys that were shipped to New York City, reconstructed, and integrated together in 1934. Taking the A Train to upper Manhattan’s 191st street, Article&’s photographer Brent Steen re-visits the Cloisters.








Skin Care On A Budget

Veronica, the content editor for Article&, is known for her clear and radiant skin.  We finally cornered her and asked her, “how DO you do it?”  To our pleasant surprise, her full skin care regimen is under $50, and every item can be purchased at your local drug store.


The Make Up Remover

Anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, and completely natural, jojoba oil is one of the best skin care multitaskers out there. Jojoba oil is full of vitamin E complexes and is extremely similar in composition to sebum, the oil that our skin naturally produces, making it a wonderful moisturizer and wrinkle treatment. This lightweight emollient is also perfect for removing stubborn eye makeup – simply soak a cotton ball in the oil and gently swipe along the eyes to take it all off.

The Cleanser

There’s a reason Cetaphil is so often recommended – this mild face wash effectively and gently cleanses the skin without stripping any natural lipids, and is suitable for all skin types. Cleanse with warm water every evening to remove the residue left from the jojoba oil, as well as any dirt & grime your skin may have collected throughout the day.

The Moisturizer

Developed by a group of leading dermatologists, CeraVe’s Moisturizing Cream features a patented time release technology that provides controlled moisture release to repair and protect the skin barrier. Non greasy and comedogenic, this cream absorbs quickly enough to use on oily skin, and moisturizes so well that many use it to treat eczema. Use this cream every night and morning after cleansing for dewy, healthy skin.

The Exfoliator

Exfoliating is an essential step in achieving radiant, summer ready skin. Veronica’s favorite is Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub. This dual-action polishing mask uses activated charcoal (the same stuff in your Brita filter!) and black sugar to pull out impurities, absorbs oil, and slough away dead skin. Use this treatment twice a week for a smooth, glowing finish.